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KQED: Theater Workers ‘#LiftTheCurtain’ on Racism After Lawsuit

It was a standing room-only crowd as supporters of Stephen Buescher, the plaintiff in a discrimination lawsuit against his former employer American Conservatory Theater (ACT), gathered Wednesday evening to discuss racism in the theater world.


SF Chronicle: Former ACT faculty member sues theater company for racial discrimination

“I want American Conservatory Theater to take full responsibility and accountability for how they specifically have treated black folks there over the years,” said Stephen Buescher. “Even if they’re doing black plays on the main stage, there’s backstage, in classrooms, in rehearsal halls. I want them to make a meaningful shift in what’s happening. I also want them to get some very strategic help from the outside to make that place more authentically equitable for black folks and people of color.”


ReWire.News: New Lawsuit Sheds Light on the Horrors Trans People Face in Prison

Candice Crowder, a 33-year-old Black trans woman, says prison staff beat her and placed her in solitary confinement, as well as in housing units closer to the prisoners who assaulted and abused her.

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The Appeal: Incarcerated Transgender Women's Lives Must Matter

“I am not alone in this struggle,” Crowder said in a statement released by her attorneys. “I refuse to be silenced while correctional staff harm me and my community. Unfortunately, my resilience has come at a great cost. I hope that CDCR finally realizes it has a problem and takes meaningful action to address its anti-LGBTQ culture so that no more transgender prisoners have to endure what I have survived.”

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New York Times: ‘A Pumping Conspiracy’: Why Workers Smuggled Breast Pumps Into Prison

Nikki McNaulty, who has accused the Bay Area bus operator AC Transit of employment discrimination in a lawsuit, said she had to pump in a conference room. After she complained, she said the company opened a lactation room in a dusty closet next to an area where employees took cigarette breaks. Her older colleagues told her she had two options, Ms. McNaulty said: “Drive engorged or dry out.” 

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SF Chronicle: Suit alleges AC Transit discriminated against pregnant driver

McNaulty hopes to change AC Transit’s policies through the suit so other pregnant women won’t face the difficulties she did, said Attorney Felicia Medina. “When it comes to changing policies, she’s seeking to change the company culture, which is anti-working mother,” Medina said.

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